Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jan 28

SQL Server 2012/2014 Extended Events for Developers – Part 1

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

— By Jeffry Schwartz Microsoft introduced Extended Events, a.k.a. XEvents, in SQL Server 2008 to aid in the analysis of performance problems. Both the capabilities and syntax were changed significantly on SQL Server 2012, and new (and very important) features were added in SQL Server 2014. Therefore, the focus of this document will be on […]

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Jan 07

Disk Metrics – Why PerfMon’s, SQL Server’s Filestats, and Disk Vendors’ Values Sometimes Appear to Disagree

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Performance Tuning , SQL Server , Windows

— By Jeffry Schwartz Whenever multiple data sources are used, actual or perceived discrepancies can arise. Sometimes this is due to the location of the data collector, e.g., Windows, SQL Server, or the disk array. Other times, it is due to the collection rate and whether the information is a simple recording of continuously incremented […]

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